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Our new 'Tired Man' chair

by Louise Fischer | June 09, 2016

This is a statement chair if we ever saw one - exceptionally unique and oh so comfortable. This overstuffed chair named 'Tired Man' makes you feel ”as warm and safe as a polar bear cub in the arms of its mother in the middle of the ice cap”. This was architect Flemming Lassen's vision for this chair which he designed for The Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Competition in 1935.

The chair is characterized by organic, bearlike shapes and then, as now, it created a sensation with its curved form and voluminous armrests. 

It is in one word, fantastic - and had since its relaunch caused a stir amongst press who appreciates unique, Danish design. See article here in Wallpaper Magazine January 2015 and a beautiful image from RUM Magazine June 2015 [photo by Brian Buchard].

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