About Us

[Photo: LPKim Photography]

WELCOME to a carefully curated collection of beautiful things, anchored by a new generation of Danish designers...plus a few classics. The lines are clean, unfussy, yet our products are packed with personality and are a perfect complement to any aesthetic. We like to think our collection spreads joy and beauty within all settings - not just contemporary, but rather also adds an unexpected contrast to transitional and classic surroundings.
Hence our brand name: Kontrast, the Danish spelling of contrast. 
Kontrast is founded by Louise Fischer, who hails from Denmark but has spent the past 20+ years in the New York advertising industry. Working with great lifestyle brands sharpened her appreciation for creativity and beautiful design. Louise carefully selects her collection and imports most of the products herself. 
Any questions, ideas or feedback, please e-mail Louise at louise@shopkontrast.com