In the Media

Spruce up your home/Kontrast on TV!

by Louise Fischer | March 17, 2015

I was delighted to be invited to speak about Kontrast on local news station FIOS 1 News. The recording of the segment was over faster than I could say 'do I have lipstick on my teeth' but I got to talk about my business and how you can spruce up your home affordably with some of the pieces from Kontrast. See the interview here. I had chosen some of my favorite pieces to bring with me. The Eos Goose feather lamp took center stage because it's always a good conversation starter .."is that really FEATHERS..?".."Can I touch?"..."Does it catch fire easily?" [the answer to the latter question is no, it is fire resistant]. Other pieces that the interviewer gravitated towards were the Ferm Living Whale pillow and the Louise Roe throws and matching pillows. Interview done and over, everything back in the car and home. It was a lot of fun and good exposure for Kontrast. - Louise

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