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A big TAK to Westchester Magazine

by Louise Fischer | March 18, 2015

When Kontrast's launch and shopping event took place late last year, we invited everyone we could think of who could possibly be interested in beautiful home decor from Denmark [and then some!]. Getting the word out there and attracting the right kind of customer is always the challenge when starting out, particularly when you offer something that is quite unique and 'niche'. Choosing and selling what you love [and only that] is exciting but also a bit of a nail-biter, to say the least. And with no marketing budget to speak of, the interest of the press is crucial. So we were excited when Nancy Soriano of Westchester Magazine came to visit and see our goods. This resulted in a lovely article in the current Spring Issue of the magazine, written by Nancy and Jenn Andrlik. See it here. Nancy chose her personal favorites to showcase in the magazine: The Lovesong Vase, The Kubus Bowl, an animal pillow from By Nord and the XL Icelandic Horse pillow. Compliments from Nancy such as "There is no doubt Louise Fischer has a good eye", "the site is beautifully designed and easy to navigate" and "an impressive foundation of products that speak to the beauty and simplicity of Danish style" made me very happy and grateful [and blush in private]. Thank you, or TAK as we say in Danish. - Louise

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