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Thank You Emily Henderson & Jess Bunge!

by Louise Fischer | February 20, 2019

So thrilled to be included in this stylish interior blog! The Brut table from Skagerak looks great in the space, as does the FERM pouf. See the full post here, and text below written by the talented Jess Bunge:

"I think it’s time to talk coffee tables. I’m ready. It’s painful thinking about the hours I spent looking for a coffee table that was the right size, height and style. I said that once I found it, I never needed to look at a coffee table again. Dramatic? Yes. But here were my challenges. I already had my beloved pouf and I wanted it to nest under my future coffee table. The trick was that said coffee table couldn’t be too wide because my living room is small. Duh. Then on top of that, I needed it to be black metal to pick up the other black accents in the space. I already had a lot of wood pieces and any more would have again gone too boho. Lastly, its visual weight needed to be light because I didn’t want it to compete with the heavy pouf. Let’s keep the heavyweight champ fights out of my living space, okay? It’s super important to consider the visual weight of items so your space feels balanced…especially in a small space where things get can get heavy fast.

But then one morning the heavens opened up and I received a promotional email from a Danish company called Kontrast. There it was right on my screen, the perfect coffee table. Not only were the measurements EXACTLY what I was looking for but so was the style. Notice the adorable brass feet that pick up the other brass accents perfectly. I am still pretty speechless with gratitude they sent it to me. For anyone wanting to snag this cutie, as a coffee table, you would probably want an additional piece like a pouf so it’s the right length for your sofa. But if your living space is larger, it would make the perfect side table, too"