Oku Rectangular Dining Table, Oak

$ 2,750.00


This is a unique table because the legs are positioned 'asymetrically'.  Oku is an interpretation of the Japanese word for oak ‘Ōku’. Oku refers to the essence of the design - oak. ”Through experiments with the balance between lightness and heaviness, making it paper thin when seen from one angle and solid from others, we’ve emphasized the material in a simple design”.

The Oku table top is produced in oak veneer with round edges, adding a refined detail to the large surface. The legs of turned oak timber sections, is positioned sporadically to create the illusion of a floating table top, while also adding a sculptural detail to the table.

Available in Natural, Dark Stained, Black or Smoked oak. 


Length 78.7” x Width 37.1” x Height 29.1”
Length 98.4” x Width 37.1” x Height x 29.1” 


Plywood and Oak Veneer Table Top. Solid Oak Legs

Tags: Tables
Vendor: Norr11

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