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Leaving the Corporate World to Create 'HYGGE'

by Louise Fischer | March 17, 2015

The lovely Scoot Goodson [Founder and Chairman of StrawberryFrog, an independent global advertising agency based in New York] included me in a piece he wrote for The Huffington Post, see it here. He writes "There's a movement a foot of women entrepreneurs leaving corporate positions to establish important businesses all across this country. Many of them have a purpose in their lives, some have lacked a purpose, most want to do something meaningful for themselves. What motivates these women to do what they are doing? And what they are doing are some remarkable things".

Nice! He asked me what motivated me and I, amongst other things, mentioned the Danish notion of HYGGE, that hard-to-translate word that is about coziness, being in the moment and enjoying good conversation and togetherness. Aided by lit candles and the right accessories, that Kontrast can provide! So if I in my own small humble way can aid and spread HYGGE and hence happiness, that makes me smile. - Louise

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